An Excellent Essay by Rev. Monte Marshall


Pastor Monte Marshall has written an essay to be shared by the Southwest Texas Reconciling Ministries Team.

Rev. Marshall highlights Acts 10 – the dream of Peter – to show why adherence to man’s rules is not necessarily pleasing to God.  An excerpt:

RMN logo“My deeply held concern is that, if strict adherence to denominational rules and reliance on biblical interpretations that are adverse to homosexuality are at the forefront in the consideration of Mary Ann Barclay’s candidacy for ordained ministry in The United Methodist Church, a more basic and fundamental question will be missed:  How is God’s Spirit at work in Mary Ann Barclay’s life?”           

“In my estimation, this is the most important question to be asked and answered, not for Mary Ann alone, but for every person desiring to pursue ordained ministry in our church, regardless of sexual orientation.  The discernment resulting from this deeper level of inquiry might even prove sufficient to overrule the Book of Discipline and any particular biblical interpretations that might otherwise work against Mary Ann’s candidacy.”

Click here to read the full essay online.

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