What Have We Been Up To?

Our Southwest Texas Chapter has been busy this summer, looking at our mission and goals for the 2009-2010 program year.  Your leadership team had planning meetings on June 11, June 22, and July 23.  We came up with lists of things we want to continue doing, new things we want to start, and things we don’t want to continue.

After a great deal of discussion and discernment, we are recommending that our chapter undertake a year-long project to look at the many facets of poverty.   Eradicating Poverty is one of the four primary focus areas of the United Methodist Church for 2008-2012. (see http://www.umc-gbcs.org/4areas)

Will we continue our efforts on issues such as opposition to the death penalty, supporting human rights and GLBT inclusion?  Of course!   As resources permit, we will continue our major action events alongside our efforts to educate, promote understanding, and take action on poverty issues and conditions.

The Executive Committee will be meeting again this week, Thursday, August 20, 6 pm, at St. John’s UMC to continue our discussions on the direction of our program.  This meeting is open to any member who wishes to become involved!

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