Chapter Meeting September 10 !

Note: the date for this meeting has changed to September 10th!

The next Southwest Texas Conference MFSA Chapter meeting will be September 17 10 at 6:00 pm at St. John’s UMC.

Our program will begin with a short video “When Did I See You Hungry” produced by the San Damiano Foundation.  This is a moving film about poverty in our country and in the world.  We are hoping to use this meeting as a springboard to educate and motivate our membership and our church communities to take action on issues of poverty and human rights.

Poverty can be addressed through charity or through examining and attempting to correct the root causes.  We hope to use our meetings to educate, understand, and take action on these issues.  We envision the creation of a program curriculum through this project that can be taken to churches and other groups.

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