‘Oh Mercy’ Film Screening

Worldwide Documentaries Presents

Seeing is Believing-
A National Screening Initiative

We are the Change We Seek 

On October 1st, Worldwide Documentaries launched Seeing is Believing, a month-long screening initiative featuring Oh Mercy – Searching for Hope in the Promised Land – https://bit.ly/3kfZcpk. The goal of this initiative is to share the film in as many homes and communities as possible, so as to humanize the immigration issue and move it from the current isolationist tone to one of compassion. To give a face and a voice to the victims of this cruelty.

A free access link to the film, as well as a toolkit featuring a discussion guide, screening flyer, resource center and more, is available on our website, https://www.ohmercyfilm.com.

If you have any questions, please contact heidi@worldwidedocumentaries.com.

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