Letter to Gov. Abbott on Refugees

From Texas Impact:

Texans of faith were disappointed to learn Friday that Governor Greg Abbott rejected the resettlement of refugees in Texas in 2020, despite many congregations, faith-based refugee resettlement agencies and families investing time and resources preparing for their arrival.

Please join with us in encouraging a new course of action in 2021. We reject the Governor’s notion that Texas congregations and resettlement agencies do not have sufficient resources for this work. We do not believe the Governor should dictate to faith communities which vulnerable people they should serve.

Gov. Abbott: Don’t Slam the Door on Refugees

Please read and sign the letter below and invite your friends and neighbors to join you.

Dear Governor Abbott,

I disagree with your decision to refuse Texas hospitality to refugees. Texas has a well-established culture of welcome. We are home to a vast network of volunteer and professional teams whose very ministry is welcome. These Texans wake up every day with arms open to our siblings from around the globe, who come seeking safety and security from life-threatening circumstances.

I take profound exception to your pronouncement that Texas nonprofits have “the responsibility to dedicate available resources” only to certain types of vulnerable people. I worship a God of abundance, and I believe that there are sufficient resources to meet the needs of all God’s children.

Happily, your decision only applies to the current year. Now is the time to chart a different course for next year. Please commit to opening Texas’ doors to refugees again in 2021. Let Texas faith communities show that Texas has enough resources—and enough love—to welcome all who need us.


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