Discussions Ramp Up in Preparation for GC 2020

In February 2019 the United Methodist Church, assembled in St. Louis at a special General Conference, adopted the Traditionalist Plan which strengthened the anti-LGBTQ stance of the denomination.  In the months since, there has been intense discussion about the future of the church.  Several groups have drafted plans dealing with changes to the denomination’s laws, the Book of Discipline.  In May 2020, the global UMC will have a General Conference in Minneapolis where it will consider further changes.

If you are interested in the discussions about the future of our denomination, stay alert!

Progressive Resources:

United Methodist News Service:  https://www.umnews.org/en/

Mainstream UMC:  https://mainstreamumc.com/

UMC Next:  https://umcnext.com/

Hacking Christianity:  http://hackingchristianity.net/

UM Insight:  https://um-insight.net/

UM Forward:  https://um-forward.org/

Judicial Council Meets

The United Methodist Judicial Council met last week and issued decisions on a number of cases before them.  Legislation setting special provisions for United Methodist churches deciding to leave the denomination took effect immediately at the end of the special General Conference last February, the church’s top court has ruled.
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Mainstream UMC Meets With Central Conference Bishops

Mainstream UMC Co-Founders, Rev. Dr. Nanette Roberts and Rev. Dr. Mark Holland, were able to bring their appeal for a moratorium on trials directly to Bishops from the central conferences (those outside the US) on Friday November 1.  Fifteen of the central conference Bishops from Africa, Europe, and the Philippines gathered just ahead of the full Council of Bishops (COB) meeting that began Sunday in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina.
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COB President Suggests Moratorium on Church Trials

UMC Council of Bishops president Kenneth H. Carter suggests a moratorium on church trials related to LGBTQ individuals, while at the same time loosening the denomination’s trust clause to allow congregations to leave with property.
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New Jersey Annual Conference Charts Way Forward

By an overwhelming majority, the Greater New Jersey Conference in a special session on October 26 voted to allow United Methodist churches to decide how to include and affirm LGBTQ people in every aspect of ministry while still allowing congregations the right to agree to disagree.
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