Texas Gun Sense

August 19, 2019


Texas Gun Sense Statement

on the Governor’s Texas Safety Commission Meeting


Texas Gun Sense is grateful to participate in Governor Greg Abbott’s Texas Safety Commission, scheduled to meet at 10:30 AM on Thursday, Aug. 22 at the State Capitol. The commission consists of elected officials, safety advocates, law enforcement, educators, social media representatives from around the state.

In the wake of the racially-motivated mass shooting in El Paso on Aug. 3 (which killed 22 and injured 26), Texas Gun Sense has an important message to deliver to the commission. As the only gun violence prevention organization invited to take part, we believe the Commission must recognize that the easy availability of firearms plays a critical role in gun-related violence. TGS will recommend that the commission review a number of common sense, evidence-based policies, including:

  • Instituting background checks on the sale of all firearms,
  • Raising the age of purchase for all firearms to at least 21 years of age,
  • Limiting the capacity of ammunition magazines,
  • Regulating sales and accessibility of assault-style rifles on the federal level, and
  • Adopting extreme risk protective order (otherwise known as a “red flag” laws).

While eager to participate in these talks, Texas Gun Sense is realistic when it comes to the political and policy differences which impact addressing gun-related violence in our state. In a divided environment, TGS knows that it is imperative we use this opportunity to make an effective, respectful case on behalf of the millions of Texans who demand that our state leaders must take immediate action to protect their constituents. It is our hope that following these discussions lawmakers of Texas can come together and expeditiously evaluate and enact legislation before another Texan is killed by a gun tragedy.

Read all of our policy recommendations here. For more information about gun violence and gun violence prevention, visit our website at www.txgunsense.org.


Contact Information:

Ed Scruggs: (512) 565-0502

Frances Schenkkan: (512) 971-0683

E-mail:  info@txgunsense.org

Website: www.txgunsense.org

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