Evening With Paula D’Arcy

Austin Center for Grief and Loss Event

May 13th

We can’t really prepare for grief.  And yet, we will all find ourselves traveling that journey in our lives.  The only people who can wisely speak with understanding and compassion of the struggle to live with loss are those who have survived it.  On Sunday evening, May 13th at 7:00 pm one of grief’s most articulate teacher’s will be speaking in Austin at St. Louis Catholic Church.  Paula D’Arcy, retreat leader, former psychotherapist, and bestselling author, will share from her most recent book, The Winter of the Heart, in which she describes the seasons of grief and the emotions that come with loss.  Her life’s work is companioning those who experience the shock, emotional pain, and a wide range of other intense emotions that are part of grief.

When Paula was a young wife and mother she lost her husband and toddler in a violent car accident.  She understands deep sorrow, but can also help us to see what is waiting on the other side – hope, acceptance, and the essential counsel that we need not ever “get over it.” Rather she inspires us to imagine how, even in the midst of the pain of loss, we can be transformed by love and beauty into new possibilities.

The Austin Center for Grief and Loss is privileged to sponsor this event for the Austin area.  To register, please either call 512-472-7878 or click here to register online. 

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