From Texas Impact – HB 3172 action needed

HB 3172’s stated purpose is “protection of religious beliefs,” but HB 3172 actually would provide a
defense for religious conduct—even conduct that hurts other people.


Spend a few minutes today calling House State Affairs to oppose HB 3172. As a reminder, this bill would permit any person to claim religion as a reason for not complying with generally applicable laws, including precluding the state from revoking a license of a child care facility that uses corporal punishment.

We expect a committee substitute for this bill, and your legislator may say they have heard the sub addresses the concerns, but it is not really possible to address all the concerns with this bill without gutting the bill. A bill of this magnitude needs a stakeholder process where differences can be worked out deliberately.

So, call as many as you are able and ask them to oppose the bill. Feel free to use information from the attached one pager or Josh’s testimony to the committee.

If you are a constituent of one of the members, please organize calls from your community. DO NOT take any vote for granted on this one. 

Let me know if you have any questions or if you learn anything interesting.

Rep. Dade Phelan: (877) 448-4496 (Chair)
Rep. Ana Hernandez: (877) 297-4973
Rep. Joe Deshotel: (877) 631-3025
Rep. R.D. Guerra: (877) 355-6436
Rep. Sam Harless: (877) 686-3497
Rep. Justin Holland: (877) 679-4895
Rep. Todd Hunter: (877) 772-2759
Rep. Phil King: (877) 740-3353
Rep. Tan Parker: (877) 769-2859
Rep. Richard Raymond: (877) 760-2579
Rep. Eddie Rodriguez: (877) 537-5697
Rep. John Smithee: (877) 663-6965
Rep. Drew Springer: (877) 253-9659


HB 3172 Krause combined

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