March Meeting Reflected on GC2019, Plans Going Forward

In March, over 50 MFSA supporters gathered in Austin to hear comments by a panel of six persons who attended (or watched) the GC2019 proceedings in St. Louis.  Panelists were Rev. Sid Hall, Joy Butler, Shelley Walters, Jay Brim, Trevor Harper, and Cindy Johnson.  They all generally expressed shock, dismay, and anger as the Traditional Plan was approved at the conference.  They discussed possible plans for the future of the UMC and the possibility of the Traditional Plan being found unconstitutional by the Judicial Council later this month.  Several expressed hope that this vote has awakened centrists and others who have not been paying attention to the increased fundamentalism in the UMC.  There was discussion of the dissent that has arisen after GC2019, including a huge increase in the number of individuals and communities who are affiliating with the Reconciling Ministries Network.  It is important that progressive delegates to 2019 annual conferences elect delegates to GC2020 who are not supportive of the Traditional Plan.

Links to videos:
Rev. Sid Hall:

Joy Butler:

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