Texas Impact – “Courts & Ports”

In early 2018, nine representatives of Rio Texas MFSA traveled to the Rio Grande Valley to learn more about actions being undertaken by the UMC’s El Valle District on immigration issues.  At our November meeting, we heard from Bee Morehead that Texas Impact has established the “Courts and Ports” program to allow others to take action on these issues.

From Texas Impact:  With the advent of the Administration’s “zero-tolerance” policy, federal criminal courts on the southern border of the U.S. are overwhelmed with cases involving citizens of other countries crossing the border from Mexico into the U.S. in a location other than an official port of entry. Courts & Ports is a partnership between the Interfaith Center and the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas. Participants observe proceedings in federal criminal court, and record their observations for use by ACLU and other attorneys; meet with faith and policy experts working on the border; spend time with individuals who have pending asylum cases; engage in contextualizing discussion with Texas Impact pastoral staff and other faith leaders; plan and participate in worship; and become part of an online “alumni” community.

Participants in this program will travel to the RGV in teams for briefings, observations, site visits, and worship, typically beginning Sunday evening and traveling home on Wednesday.  Rio Texas MFSA urges all members and followers to go to the Courts & Ports website to learn more, and to register to attend this meaningful program.

A group of Rio Texas MFSA supporters are making plans to make a trip to the RGV for this program in the next few months.  Please contact Rowland Curry rcurry@austin.rr.com if you are interested in joining us!

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