Town Hall For Our Lives in TX-21

On March 24, tens of thousands gathered for the first March For Our Lives to the state capitol in Austin, TX. On April 7, please join Austin area students and community leaders to fulfill the March’s call for local candidates to speak on their commitment to keep schools, churches, and concerts safe from gun violence.



Sat, April 7, 2018

3:00 PM – 6:00 PM CDT



Dittmar Recreation Center

1009 West Dittmar Road

Austin, TX 78745

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RSVP to the Town Hall For Our Lives in TX-21!

March For Our Lives was created, inspired, and led by students of all ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientation who are no longer willing to sit and wait for someone else to take action. They have issued a call for Town Halls to be held in all 435 congressional districts on April 7 and we are honored and look forward to helping fulfill their mission in TX-21.

The event will highlight student and volunteer activist action as well as expectations for elected leaders to lead a conversation on this issue. The event is open to all candidates to make comments and answer community questions.


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