Events from Common Ground for Texans

 Common Ground for Texans

“Advocating positive solutions through civil engagement”

 Have you heard about Seattle’s Democracy Voucher program? It’s a new way of publicly funding local elections by giving residents vouchers that they can donate to qualifying candidates. It encourages more participation in local democracy, and opens the way for candidates who might otherwise lack the financial resources to run for office. The result: a more diverse and representative democracy.

Seattle councilmember Teresa Mosqueda recently visited our city to explain the program. And Austin’s Charter Review Commission is working on a version of our own, called Democracy Dollars, which may be put on the November 2018 ballot. Read more about it on our website — you can download the latest commission draft proposal here.

Also, in case you missed our March 3 meeting on redistricting, you can now watch it on video.

Finally, here are the upcoming meetings we’ve planned. Put these on your calendar now so you’ll be sure not to miss them:

  • Saturday, April 7: Generation Screwed: What did the Baby Boomers leave the Millennials? (at Old Quarry branch library)
  • Saturday, May 5: Finding Common Ground on Criminal Justice Reform (at Wildflower Unitarian Universalist Church, 1314 E. Oltorf)
  • Saturday, June 9: Freedom of Speech, Identity Politics and Political Correctness (at Old Quarry)
  • Saturday, Sept. 8: Election Security in Texas with Dana DeBeauvoir (at Old Quarry)

All events will be from 2 to 4 pm.

Join Common Ground for Texans for our next general meeting, on Saturday, April 7, at Old Quarry branch library when we’ll host a panel discussion about how current American politics and policy harm the future of millennials.

Millenials have taken on 300% more student debt than their parents. They’re only half as likely to own a home as young adults were in 1975. A recent Huffington Post article entitled “Generation Screwed” examines these and other facts about today’s youth, asking whether there are structural disadvantages for young adults today. How is the American Dream faring among millennials?

Our panelists will include diverse experts in zoning, student loans, and engaging millennials in politics. We will discuss each of these issues as they stand today and what we can do to improve them for the future, with:

  • Greg Anderson, City of Austin Planning Commission
  • Amy Stansbury, co-founder, A Functional Democracy
  • Kevin McLaughlin, product manager, Student Loan Genius

Moderated by Mike Ignatowski. We hope you can make it! And please invite friends on Facebook!


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