Free Store / Common Good Community Development

The Free Store is back!

The Free Store found a new home at Memorial UMC, 6100 Berkman Drive, Austin.  On Wednesday, March 8, we’ll have our first shopping day in the new space.

You can follow all the news about the Free Store’s relocation at our website:

From District Lay Leader Brooks Schuelke:  When we started the Free Store, we never wanted it to be a ministry by itself.  Instead, we created Common Good Community Development, Inc.  We imagined it as a hub and spoke type arrangement.  Common Good was the hub. The Free Store was the first spoke, but it was never intended to be the only spoke.

Over the years, we’ve been approached by a number of different groups with different ideas about how they could also partner with Common Good and the Free Store.  Up until now, we’ve not found the right fit.

Until now.

I am happy to say that our first real partner, and the next spoke in our hub, is the Hope Food Pantry.

Many of you are already familiar with the Hope Food Pantry.  It’s housed in Trinity and is supported by a number of our churches throughout the district.

In many ways, nothing will change.  Hope Food Pantry will continue to operate as it has.

But our working and coordinating together also brings endless possibilities of how Hope and the Free Store can work together.  We don’t know exactly what that will look like, but we’re all excited about the future.

To learn more about us, visit our website:

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