Voting Rights & Information

LWVLeague of Women Voters of Austin

Fall Kick-off Meeting

in Collaboration with the

UT Student Chapter of the American Constitution Society

Sunday, September 18, 2016

1:30 – 4:00

National Perspective on Voting Rights

& Texas Voting Rights


LBJ School/Library

Bass Lecture Hall, UT Campus

Hosted by LBJ School of Public Affairs Student Organizations: Feminist Policy Alliance, Public Affairs Alliance for Communities of Color, Graduate Public Affairs Council


Nationally Recognized Speakers:

National Perspective on Voting Rights

Nancy Abudu, Director of Legal Operations, ACLU of Florida

Voting Rights in Texas

Chad Dunn, Chief litigator for plaintiffs in the Teas Voter ID case

Cassandra Champion – Texas Civil Rights Project litigator on Texas Motor Vote Act voter registration enforcement


4:00 Volunteer Deputy Registrar Training for interested attendees.



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