MFSA September Meeting Thursday, September 8, 7pm

Texas Gun Sense

During the upcoming year, the Rio Texas Methodist Federation for Social Action (MFSA) will focus our programming and action on Creating a Culture of Nonviolence.   On Thursday, September 8, join us at Saint John’s UMC Austin, 2140 Allandale Rd, to learn about the work being done by Texas Gun Sense to reduce gun violence.   Our speaker will be Andrea Brauer, Executive Director at Texas Gun Sense, providing information about the organization.

txgunsenselogoFrom the website

“The shootings of innocent people are becoming far too common, and we are dismayed by the lack of response from our government.

Texas Gun Sense works to reduce gun violence by promoting effective gun laws through research and public awareness.

We use “gun sense” because we recognize citizens’ right to own guns, but also believe our laws could be strengthened to include more sensible policies that would protect the general public from avoidable accidents and injuries from guns.”

Join us at 6:30p for snacks. The program begins at 7p. All are welcome.

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