MFSA Works as Part of LYN Coalition at General Conference

The theme for the UMC’s 2016 General Conference was, “Therefore, Go”.  The kindest thing we can say about GC16 is, “it’s gone.”  Our progressive coalition marched, prayed, witnessed, and sang together throughout GC, and while there were a few bright spots, the results of GC were pretty grim.

Thanks to our supporters and over 400 volunteers over the 11 days of GC, many of us sensed the presence of God within our midst.  Unfortunately, we were not able to overturn the unreasonable discrimination practiced by our denomination toward our LGBTQI brothers and sisters.  The GC finally approved a recommendation by the Council of Bishops to establish another commission to study the church’s stance on “human sexuality”.  Only time will tell whether this will produce results, or is just “kicking the can down the road.”

There are many articles being circulated online as we reflect on the events in Portland.
Click here for the UMC News Service’s official wrap-up.

GC_collagePhoto Credits: R Curry, UM News Service, Jim Quinn, Dave Jerde

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