Listen For A Change

listenforchangeYou’re invited to attend Trinity Institute’s annual New York City conference via webcast in Austin!

First United Methodist Church and Eremos, a center of contemplative life, are proud to be the exclusive Austin co-hosts of this event. We bring all the world-class speakers and panel discussions of the NYC conference to you via webcast.

Trinity Institute 2016 is an action-oriented theological conference for racial justice. This year, Trinity Institute (TI2016) will explore the most pressing issues of our time, including structural racism, mass incarceration, and policy change.

Come with open ears and hearts; leave with a greater capacity to create change in Austin.First United Methodist Church and Eremos will be the exclusive Austin-area hosts (a streamed partner site at 1201 Lavaca Street Austin, TX 78701).  TI2016 takes place in New York City and will be streamed at partner sites around the world January 21-23, 2016.  Here, in Austin, we’re choosing to spread the content out over two weekends to allow for maximum participation



Thursday evening January 21st (live webcast), Saturday, January 23rd (on demand webcast) AND Saturday, January 30th (on demand webcast). See below for detailed schedule and content.


First United Methodist Church Sanctuary at 1201 Lavaca Street Austin, TX 78701

FEES: $40 for the entire event (includes lunch on both Saturdays!) OR $25 if you plan to attend only one Saturday (Thursday evening is free). Scholarships are available. Please contact event organizer, Pastor Cathy Stone at for more details on scholarships.

What you’ll experience:

  • Compelling presentations (via webcast) by action-oriented theologians and thought leaders, including Nicolas Kristof, Anna Deavere Smith, and Emilie Townes to provide us with inspiration and ideas we can use in Austin to make a positive impact now.
  • An opportunity for open dialogue — facilitated by local, trained facilitators in small circles (maximum 20 participants) — about how systemic racism is hurting us and what we can do to create change—a process that starts with listening. These life-giving conversations will teach us more about the racial issues of our time, including structural racism, mass incarceration, and policy change.
  • TI2016 recognizes that many of us avoid conversations about race because they’re difficult, uncomfortable, or risk being perceived as prejudiced. Instead, the conversations in TI2016 will be learning opportunities: chances to talk skillfully and with less apprehension about charged issues with people who might have differing perspectives.
  • Connections and conversations during breaks and lunch with others in the Austin area committed to making positive changes now in systemic racism.


Check the schedule and register for this event at:

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