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 LBGT & United Methodist Church Documentary

The documentary, Dividing the United Methodist Church, shown on PBS’s “On the Contrary, presents a special documentary about LBGT and the United Methodist Church.

From the PBS website: “The United Methodist Church remains officially opposed to homosexuality, same sex marriage, and self-avowed gay pastors. It’s official rulebook – the book of discipline states – “The practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.” But not all United Methodist congregations agree with the church’s view on the issue. The fight on this issue is testing the faith more than ever and Dividing the United Methodist Church.’

You can watch it at:



An Act of Love: A Documentary, about The United Methodist Church, Frank Schaefer, and his trial(s), premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival on October 9th & 12th. Now they are beginning a national campaign of screenings in churches, community centers, and other non-theatrical venues. They also want to send copies of the film to all of the United Methodist Church delegates who will be participating in the 2016 General Conference. That way everyone involved in making decisions regarding the UMC’s policies towards the LGBTQ community has an opportunity to view the film prior to the Conference. We’ll watch for a Texas showing.



November 8, 2015 6pm and November 15, 6pm

Westlake UMC is co-sponsoring along with seven other Austin churches, two showings of the documentary film, The Hunting Ground. It details the problem of violence and assault on college campuses as well as the institutional suppression of these incidents. One reviewer states: “This film has the power to fuel the movement to end campus assault, but we need to show a strong turnout at theaters to demonstrate the growing public concern and demand institutions change their ways.” While another says: “Any parent sending a child off to college should consider this required viewing.” Please plan on educating yourself and supporting the effort to end assaults on college campuses by attending one of the two showings: Sunday, Nov. 8 and Nov. 15 at 6pm at The Sanctuary, 2614 Exposition.

Watch the trailer at:


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