Gather At The River Workshops Announced!

Workshops are intended to provide hands-on training opportunities to learn and hone skills for vital congregational ministries, advocacy for LGBTQ equality, engaging persons in the intersections of justice issues, and/or preparing a progressive witness for the 2016 General Conference.
Workshops will happen on Friday afternoon, August 7, and will be 75 minutes in length.


A1: Creating Rituals for Life Passages of Individuals and Communities – Marcia McFee

A2: Twenty-First Century Worship Leading and Soul Justice Singing – Mark Miller

A3: Breaking Down Barriers: Practicing Inclusion
Sharon McCart

A4: REFUEL: A Filling Station for the Overworked
Ruth Airhart

A5: Inclusion from Inception: Church Planting for Today
Brittany Isaac

A6: The Reconciling Process – Using the “Building An Inclusive Church Toolkit” – Helen Ryde

A7: “Where Do I Belong?” Creating Vital Communities of Accountability & Responsibility Across Difference
Vernice Thorn, Robyn Morrison, cathy knight

A8: Making God’s Vision Ours – Rev. Max Blaylock


B1: Southern Initiative in RMN Organizing – Laura Young & Helen Ryde

B2: Hate, Hope and Religion in Africa & USA – Dennis Apopka, Bishop Joseph Tolton, Ann Craig, M.Div.

B3: Troubling the Waters–Disruption 101: Basics of (Non)violent Direct Action – Rev. Amy E. DeLong & Rev. Dr. Julie Todd, Love Prevails

B4: Troubling the Waters- Disruption 201: Strategies and Techniques of (Non)violent Direct Action – Rev. Amy E. DeLong & Rev. Dr. Julie Todd, Love Prevails

B5: Preparing for General Conference – Rev. Steve Clunn and Kevin Nelson

B6: Building Bridges with Evangelicals and Moderates – Dave Nuckols & Giselle Lawn

B7: Who Ya Gonna Call? Navigating the Complaint/Legal Process in the UMC – Rev. Scott Campbell, Rev. Paul Fleck & Kevin Nelson


C1: Cultural Competency – Rev. Amy Stapleton

C2: Reproductive Justice: What’s Faith Got To Do With It?
Rev. Kathryn Johnson

C3: Palestinian & Israeli Voices: Impact of the Israeli Occupation on their Lives – Hashem Abushama & Dalit Baum, Ph.D.

C4: United Methodists and the Global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement – David Wildman & Lisa Bender

C5: The Widow, the Orphan, the Stranger: Legal Ministry from a Spiritual Perspective – Piper Madison, Austin JFON

C6: Ending Mass Incarceration – Get Your Church/Campus Involved – T.C. Morrow

C7: Not Just a One Night Stand: Expanding Ministry with the Poor and Marginalized – Dr. John Flowers & Rev. Karen Vannoy

C8: Todos Somos Esperanza/We Are All Hope: Nepantla Strategies for Overcoming Injustice – Graciela Sánchez & Rachel Jennings


D1: The Gay Family Next Door – Rev. Sara Thompson Tweedy

D2: Queer Voices of Color – Rev. Theon Johnson III ( moderator) and panelists Bridget Cabrera, Rev. Dr. Pamela Lightsey., Jorge Lockward, Dr. Mark Miller, Dr. Randall Miller & Alex Shanks

D3: Transgender Basics – Paula Buls, C. Kristian Clauser & Colin Jon david Stewart

D4: Deepening Ministry with Gender Diverse Persons – Giselle Lawn & Alex Shanks

D5: Family Acceptance Project: Revolutionizing How We Support LGBT People in Families & Faith Communities – Caitlin Ryan, PhD, ACSW

D6: LGBTQI Asylum and Global Congregations – Seeking Global AFFIRMATION – Ann Craig, M.Div.

D7: Communities of Color Journey Toward Full Inclusion – Jorge Lockward & Rev. Vicki Flippin

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