Austin Interfaith Training

Over the past 60 years, organizers, pastors, lay leaders, principals, and parents in IAF organizations have developed a practice of “institutional organizing”: using the skills of community organizing to develop leadership, identify issues, reweave relationships, and build the capacity within their institutions to act on issues which affect families.

This process includes one-on-one relational meetings, small group conversations called “house meetings”, neighborhood and community walks, and research actions. An organizing process is always connected to the mission of the particular institution, and should be flexible in order to meet the needs of each congregation or school.

Learn about the good work of this organization at the Austin Interfaith Leaders Meeting and Training this month.
When:  Thursday, May 28, 2015 at 07:00 PM

Where:  Trinity United Methodist Church  – 4001 Speedway – Austin, TX

RSVP at: Austin Interfaith Leaders Meeting and Training – 5.28.15

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