Immigration – A Christian Conversation


Join the Healing Justice Ministry of Parker Lane UMC &

Austin Region Justice for Our Neighbors (ARJFON)

Immigration: A Christian Conversation

Sunday, March 22 at 4pm

Parker Lane UMC,

2105 Parker Lane, Austin, TX 78741

What is the issue with immigration anyway?

·       An estimated 11-12 million immigrants seeking legal status currently live in the US.

·       Stepped-up enforcement with immediate deportation and automatic bans on legal return has added hardship to families, especially when parents are separated from their minor children.

·       Since the 1990s, the complexity of applications, the length of backlogs and wait times, and fees for applications have all increased.

Join the conversation about the work of JFON to address these justice issues and find out what we all can do as people of faith.


Help for unaccompanied migrant children

Faith in Action, GBCS

February 10, 2015

Austin Region Justice for Our Neighbors Receives Grant from UMCOR


AUSTIN, Texas — In June 2014, the number of unaccompanied children (UAC) apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border reached its highest level to date: 10,622 in one month. After spending weeks in a government-approved shelter, most would be released to live with family members in the United States. While striving to adjust to their new lives, new schools and new friends, these children also had to cope with their grueling and interminable deportation proceedings.

Approximately 350 of these unaccompanied children were sent to live with relatives here. Many of them were fleeing horrific gang violence or family abuse. If deported back to Honduras, El Salvador, or Guatemala, they would face torture, brutality, even death. These children needed help. They needed advocates. Most of all, they needed good lawyers.

Without legal representation, unaccompanied children have little hope for a happy ending to their story. Those fortunate enough to have attorneys are nearly five times more likely to be allowed to stay legally in the United States than those without.

Enter Austin Justice For Our Neighbors (ARJFON), which announced its intention to focus on UAC cases in July. It was a logical and natural step for them, explains Julie Flanders, ARJFON’s legal director, as so many of their cases “involve women and children who have suffered abuses, making them eligible for special protections.”

flandersjulieJulie herself has a strong background in representing unaccompanied children, and she has spent a significant amount of time at the border, developing relationships with the Office of Refugee Resettlement, with other immigrant aid groups, and with all the major players in the UAC crisis. “I knew exactly what needed to be done,” Flanders says. “We just didn’t have enough attorneys to do it.”

Enter the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), which offered a $100,000 grant to National Justice For Our Neighbors. In partnership with a JFON site, the grant would address the need for legal representation for unaccompanied children. But, first, NJFON and ARJFON had to write the proposal.

Thanks to UMCOR, Austin JFON now has a new attorney, Rebecca Rosenberg, to focus entirely on its UAC program. ARJFON also has a new community liaison/legal assistant, Piper Madison. Due to the partnership with UMCOR and NJFON, Austin JFON is now in the position to become a leading voice in UAC legal representation, not just for the JFON network, but for the immigrant legal aid community.

Read the complete story here:

Austin JFON will be presenting the program at the May 14 MFSA meeting at Saint John’s UMC.

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