Cover Texas Now Advocacy Day – March 12

 Texans deserve health insurance. 

More than 6 million Texans are uninsured, the highest rate in the U.S. But what did Texas’ elected officials do when they had a chance to cover uninsured Texans? They refused and turned their backs on more than 2 million hard-working Texans and left $100 billion of our tax dollars going to other states. In the 2 million, state politicians abandoned veterans and their spouses, workers in retail, construction, child care, hospitality, healthcare and food service. NOW is the time to rally together and fight for the health coverage millions of Texans deserve!

The goal of the day will be to bring a public, statewide voice to the Capitol regarding the need to close the Coverage Gap for low-income workers, caretakers, college students and Texans living with disabilities.

Meet at the state Capitol at 10:00 am on March 12 and finish at 3:30 pm. Register here if you plan on attending, or would like to get involved.

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