Update on JFON

JFONIt’s been just about two years since a group of three of us, at the urging of Bishop Dorff, began working on JFON.  And this year has been a whirl-wind for JFON-Austin.

In the spring, we hired our staff attorney and started hosting our clinics in April.  Shortly after that, the undocumented children crises came to light, and our attorney was able to take a very active role in helping provide advice and legal counsel to many of these children.

We’ve been blessed with support, and in many ways, despite being such a young organization, we are now being held up as a model for JFON clinics throughout the country.  In fact, we have garnered such trust that we have recently been awarded a grant by UMCOR that has allowed us to hire an additional attorney on a one-year contract to help expand our services, primarily to help undocumented children.

Our JFON clinic has been blessed with a talented and active board, and I’m excited to see what happens in 2015.  – Brooks Schuelke   http://www.jfonaustin.org/

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