Habitat For Humanity – 2015 Methodist Build


Several Austin UMCs, including First UMC and Saint John’s, have committed to participating in the Habitat Methodist Build for 2015.  The 2015 Habitat Methodist Build will begin April 11th, 2015. The house will be built in the Gilbert Lane neighborhood off of Highway 969 past the 130 toll road. We will learn the name of the family in February.

Austin Habitat for Humanity helps low-income people who qualify according to Habitat’s selection criteria to become first-time homeowners. They participate in financial education classes, and they must contribute to the building of other Habitat houses before they are approved for their own home. Habitat homeowners are an asset to the communities in which their houses are built. Homeowners take more pride in their houses and surrounding property, and they are the rocks on which community is built.

What does participating in a Habitat build mean? First, it entails a financial commitment. Habitat houses cost $65,000 (building materials only, land is already provided). Sponsors help provide that amount through financial donations. Second, it entails volunteers to help construct the house. Volunteers will work with other Austin District United Methodists, as well as with volunteers from some other faith communities.

MFSA encourages Capital District churches and members to participate in the 2015 Methodist Build!

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