Austin Area Gift Markets

Gifts-to-the-World Market

First UMC Austin

November 23rd

bellsThis year’s Gifts-to-the-World Market will be on one Sunday only, November 23rd, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the foyer of our Family Life Center. It will feature both local and international, diverse, dynamic, and worthy charitable groups. Shopping lists will be available early, so we encourage you to make your selections and join us for this one-day event. There will be lots of animals and worthy causes for you to choose from. Beautiful cards will be provided with each purchase.


 Christmas Bazaar

Buda UMC – Buda, TX –Child-With-Gift-Christian-Stock-Images-300x200

Saturday, November 22nd from 8am to 2pm

All items donated for sale should be new handmade items. Other items can also be donated for the silent auction.

This year we also plan to have a “fishing pond” where children can pay a quarter to fish and receive a small inexpensive item on the end of a pole.

Items already underway include Christmas Card Holders, trinket/jewelry boxes, jewelry, and quilted hot pads and a beautiful wall hanging.



Gifts of Hope, Saint John’s UMC (Austin) Alternative Gift Market, is slated for Saturday, December 6 and Sunday, December 7. Two of the most popular booths at the Market are the Saint John’s Mission Booth and the Bake Shop. Once again, all bakers and crafters are called into action! For more information about providing craft items for the Market, please e-mail Nancy Williams at

If you love to bake, The Bake Shop may be the perfect way for you to contribute. Please consider sharing your specialty with Market shoppers. For more information about the Bake Shop, email Eva Jordan at

Click here to visit the Alternative Gift Market page.

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