Important Economic Justice Conference in Houston


As religious progressives we embrace a non-violent resistance to domination systems that marginalize the poor and the weak. Both Torah and the New Testament are clear about God’s dream for the world – a society of equality and justice where everyone has enough. As people of faith we recognize that all women, men and children are members of the family of God; they belong to us and we belong to them. We now deliberately join together determined to create economic and social justice for all.  As progressive religious people – regardless of our faith or political affiliation – we must pay attention and take action to combat this injustice. It’s time to turn the page in Texas!A three-day organizing event to unite religious progressives, academics, and justice activists to act in solidarity to promote economic justice.

Presenters include Ralph Douglas West,  Amy-Jill Levine,  John Dominic Crossan,  Joerg Rieger,  Keri Day,  Robin Meyers and many more.

For more information, click here.

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