Next Chapter Meeting May 8

MFSA May Chapter Meeting

Thursday, May 8

The Unification to Form the Rio Texas Conference:
What Will the Tapestry Woven by the Unification Look Like?

Join MFSA on Thursday, May 8, at Saint John’s UMC to hear Rev. Edward Garcia, pastor of Emmanuel UMC, share the story of the Unification of the Southwest Texas Conference and the Rio Grande Conference to form the Rio Texas Conference of the UMC.  Rev. Garcia has been active in the Unification decision-making progress.

Riotx-districts-2014In June 2013, both conferences approved the Unification Implementation Team’s recommendations for the transition to the new conference. In February 2014, the conferences voted to name the new conference “Rio Texas”.

Some questions we will want to ask Rev. Garcia include:

  • Why are the two conferences uniting?
  • What is the mission and vision of the Rio Texas Conference?
  • Will programming remain the same?
  • Where does the Unification stand today?

Please join us on Thursday, May 8, at Saint John’s UMC, 2140 Allandale Rd. for snacks at 6:30pm and the program at 7:00pm.

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