News from TCADP

Download – Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty 2014 Spring Quarterly NewsletterIn this issue:

Cover Story TCADP’s Strategic Plan prioritizes 5 areas of importance for furthering our goals of first decreasing and then ending the use of the death penalty.  We invite your support and involvement in these initiatives.

Voices of Texas:On page 4, our colleagues at Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation share with us the best ways to respond to those we know touched by violence.

Death Penalty Developments:  TCADP works to stay apprised of new death sentences, stays of executions and emerging trends in Texas’ response to capital punishment, found on page 5.

Can Social Media Increase Anti-Death Penalty Engagement?  Find the answer on page 6 and learn several specific ways to increase your impact and further our efforts.

Special Events:  Check the TCADP calendar for events of interest happening in your community.

Thank You, Members, Donors, and Partners for Justice:  Thank you to everyone who supported TCADP during Amplify Austin in March!  TCADP repeated its win of an extra $1000 for most donors during 1:00-2:00pm of the campaign.  We couldn’t be as effective as we are in the fight to end the death penalty without those of you who support TCADP as annual and sustaining members, Partners for Justice and generous donors. Celebrate your fellow TCADP members by seeing who gave this quarter.

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