Video Available For Bishop Talbert Discussion

What a great gathering at Trinity UMC in Austin on Sunday, February 9, to hear Bishop Melvin Talbert!  About 200 Austin and San Antonio area United Methodists joined the SWTX – MFSA Chapter for “Lunch and A Conversation with Bishop Talbert.”  You will find photos of the event on our website:  Special thanks to Trinity UMC and University UMC Austin, to the Central Texas MFSA Chapter for their generous support, and to the many volunteers who helped with this event.

We are happy to report that a video of “A Conversation with Bishop Melvin Talbert” is posted on YouTube. The introduction is by Rev. Sid Hall and the Sign Language Interpreter is Clyde Boyd. Thanks to Donn German for videoing the event.

Bishop Talbert discusses the events surrounding his ministry of “Biblical Obedience” and the future of LGBTQ issues in the United Methodist Church. Retired Bishop Talbert has been an advocate for peace and for the oppressed and marginalized. He has fought to help The United Methodist Church and society address racism. He is committed to racial, gender and sexual orientation inclusiveness, stating that there is room at God’s table for everyone.

The video is in two parts. You can watch the two parts on YouTube. When you select the playlist link below, the second part should start after the first part completes.

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