America’s Sunday Supper | Jan 19th | Trinity UMC Austin

peacethroughpieInspired by the legacy of Dr. King, America’s Sunday Supper invites people from diverse backgrounds to come together to share a meal, discuss issues that affect their community and highlight the power each one of us has to make a difference.  Join us at Trinity United Methodist Church (4001 Speedway) on January 19, 2014 from 6 – 7:30 pm, for A Frank Dialogue on Race – an open conversation and guided discussion on racial dynamics and how to combat racism in our community here in Central Texas.  Dr. Kazique Jelani Prince and Jeremy Solomons will provide thought-provoking questions and activities, and will create a safe space for conversation.  We will also have a potluck Peace Through Pie Social – bring a pie (savory or sweet) to share.

Dr. Kazique Jelani Prince – Acclaimed leader with a distinguished and accomplished career, carving out a reputation as a dynamic and comprehensive communicator and trusted adviser. Governed by a focused vision for the future and fueled by a passion to make a difference in the new global economy. Considerable experience in the areas of Project & Program Management, Diversity & Inclusion Management, and Cross-functional Leadership Development. Owns a powerful understanding of people and what motivates them, drawing upon unique skill set to effectively sell, counsel and encourage others towards meaningful, lasting change. Inspired change agent who seeks the broader view in all situations, drawing upon resources and deep knowledge base to assist others in utilizing their own strengths and capabilities. Trailblazes through opposition, spearheading forward-thinking, cutting-edge initiatives and programs while successfully uniting team members behind common goals.

Jeremy Solomons –  Jeremy Solomons is an independent facilitator and passionate advocate for human rights and racial equality. Based now in Austin, Texas, he has felt the personal sting of prejudice, bias and discrimination when growing up as an Orthodox Jew in his native England and since then he has pledged his life to bringing everyone into a constructive dialogue and sustainable action to address and eradicate the evils of inequality, injustice and racism.

Austin’s Sunday Supper & Peace Through Pie Social Community Partners

America’s Sunday Supper Info and National Sponsors

Corporation for National and Community Service

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