United Methodist Global AIDS Fund



December 1 marks the 25th year people around the world will unite to fight against HIV & AIDS. Are you and your congregation ready to commemorate World AIDS Day, the first Sunday of Advent?

As a partner in the global fight to end HIV & AIDS, the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund (UMGAF) reemphasizes its commitment to Just Save One.

The universal theme of “Getting to Zero” is not possible as long as babies are born with HIV and funds are not geared toward prevention. UMGAF has committed to focus on the reduction of mother-to-child transmission and to preventing children from being born with HIV & AIDS for the next year.

Zimbabwe is a country in which babies born to HIV-positive mothers are disproportionately affected themselves.  Persons Living with HIV, if given support and treated as partners, can tackle these inequalities.

Support the Just Save One Initiative

UMGAF has raised more than US $3.5 million to assist thousands of people who are infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. Yet, there are 34 million individuals living with the virus. We need your financial contribution to Just Save One of those millions.

  • A gift of US $20 can provide nursing care for a child born HIV positive;
  • A US $50 gift can help educate young people and adults how to prevent HIV;
    • A US $100 gift will supply nutrients to 100+ AIDS orphans suffering from dehydration.

You can find out more about getting your congregation involved with World AIDS Day and the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund at www.umglobalaidsfund.com.

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