MFSA Board of Directors, Program Council Meet in Atlanta

MFSA’s Program Council and Board of Directors met October 24-26 at St. Mark United Methodist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. The Program Council connects grassroots leaders of MFSA in order to resource Chapters and topic-based programs. Each Chapter may have a representative present, grassroots reports were shared, and affirmation of the work of the MFSA Office was provided. Our chapter is represented on the Program Council by Anne Mund.  Specific attention was given to how Chapters, Office, and Board of Directors can work in strengthening their work together.

At the Board of Director’s meeting, budgetary directives were set, staff was commended for their work throughout the executive leadership transition process, and the work of the Program Council was affirmed. The Board spent time reviewing MFSA’s Vision, Mission, and Values statements as a way to begin considering a new strategic plan. New Board members were selected (or affirmed if their position is connected to the Program Council). New members beginning in 2014 will be: Kuusela Hilo (Western Jurisdiction Representative); Joey Lopez (North Central Jurisdiction Representative); Laddie Perez-Galang (Program Council Co-Convener); Rev. Michelle Shrader (At-Large Member); and Darlene DiDomineck, Home Missioner (At-Large).  Rowland Curry from our chapter serves on the Board and is the Co-Convenor of the Program Council.  In addition, Julie Fuschak of the Central Texas chapter is the Jurisdictional Representative and attended both meetings.

Also during the Board meeting, two statements were issued surrounding the actions of the Council of Bishops Executive Committee in regards to Bishop Mel Talbert’s officiating at the blessing of marriage of Bobby Pince and Joe Openshaw in Birmingham, Alabama.

Among other items, the Board approved the formation of a new MFSA chapter in the Texas Conference (Houston).

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