From Texas Impact

Vote for Water Funding for Texas

More than 1,000 people move to Texas every day. By 2060, our population is expected to nearly double. During that same time, our water supplies are expected to decrease 10 percent. Texas will need an additional 8.8 million acre-feet of water to meet that projected demand.

On November 5th, Texans can vote for Proposition 6, an amendment that creates a constitutionally dedicated fund for the sole purpose of fully implementing the State Water Plan–the regionally driven planning process that allows local entities and leaders to identify which conservation and supply strategies work best for their region.

If Proposition 6 passes, the funding will be in place to help provide up to $30 billion in financial assistance to local communities over the next fifty years that can develop 9 million acre-feet of water to meet our growing state’s needs.

For more on water needs in Texas and in-depth information on Proposition 6, visit H2O for Texas.. Watch Dr. Andy Sansom, director of the Meadows Institute for Water and the Environment, discuss Texas’ water challenges in this video.

See a full list of the proposed constitutional amendments on the November 5 ballot in Texas.

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