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Health Insurance: More, Cheaper, Soon

Texas Impact –

Confused by all the media reports and partisan hype surrounding the new Health Insurance Marketplace? You aren’t alone! Here’s the deal: 

To help Americans buy affordable coverage, the federal government and some states are establishing health insurance “marketplaces“–websites where shoppers can compare insurance plans, get financial assistance to purchase insurance, and sign up for coverage.

The Texas Marketplace website isn’t live yet, but there are two websites you can visit right now to help you decide if you’ll want to shop at the Marketplace starting October 1. has information for small employers, individuals and families about Market-place costs, coverage, protections and assistance.

The Kaiser Family Foundation online calculator can give you a rough idea of the costs and financial assistance you could see in the Marketplace.

Still feeling lost? At you can type in your zip code to see names and contact information for organizations in your area that can answer your questions now and help you sign up for coverage starting October 1.

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