Great Turnout for Pride Parade!

406 Methodists March in Pride Paradeaphoto2Once again Pride week in Austin has come and gone but United Methodists have made sure our presence will be remembered. What a fantastic time we had marching for justice and showing the wider community that despite our denominational stance we believe all should be not only welcomed but affirmed. With 406 United Methodists representing 9 churches marching, it seems safe to say many of us believe that pride is indeed “compatible with Christian teaching.”

Thanks to all who joined us this year.  We laughed, we danced, we got tons of high fives, and many of us were touched by those attending the pride parade who were so grateful to see a church affirming them. First UMC carried a number of great signs like “God loves everybody, no exceptions” and my personal favorite, “We’re sorry for the haters.” No doubt it was a healing space for many.  For more information about the SWTX Reconciling Team, please contact Joy Butler  or Tweet UsLike Us on FacebookWe are a LYN2016 coalition partner!

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