Texas Impact Update

The Hot List!

With 40 days left in the 83rd legislative session, it’s time to get some great bills moving on through the process (and stop a couple of not-so-greats). Following are priority issues for Texas Impact. Click through for more details and ways you can take action.

Health Care 

Lawmakers are debating insuring adults in Medicaid or a “Texas Solution.” Texas Impact SUPPORTS HB 3791 that could be the way forward. Watch the video from the April 16 hearing. Bills to help Texans navigate the new health care exchange are moving. Texas Impact SUPPORTS SB 1795 and HB 459.

School Breakfast

Bills to improve access to breakfast for Texas kids are making progress. Texas Impact SUPPORTS SB 376 and HB 296.

Payday Lending

The session’s big payday lending bill would save 330,000 borrowers money, protect low-income Texans, and more. Texas Impact SUPPORTS SB 1247.

Water Rates

Affordable water for all Texans is important. Texas Impact SUPPORTS SB 567, HB 1307, and HB 1456 that would keep water rates reasonable and ensure transparent ratemaking. We OPPOSE HB 3857 and HB 1663 that would cut off ratepayer options.

Renewable Energy

On-site renewable power increases electric reliability and helps the environment. Texas Impact SUPPORTS SB 1239 that would encourage renewables through net metering.

Administrative Segregation

Bills that would review how Texas handles “AdSeg” (solitary confinement) and protects inmate mental health are moving. Texas Impact SUPPORTS SB 1003 and HB 1266.

“Religious Law”

Anti-Muslim groups want legislation passed that they can describe as “anti-Sharia.” The legislation is useless, and religious bigotry needs to be squelched. Texas Impact OPPOSES SB 1639.   Watch the video

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