The Hidden Progressive Christian Community of Texas


Left, Behind: The Hidden Progressive Christian Community of Texas

Interesting article in this month’s Texas Observer by Robyn Ross:

It quotes Rev. Jim Rigby from an Austin Presbyterian church and also Lubbock Methodist minister, Rev. Kevin Young, whose wife Laura has been our RMN “Called to Witness” regional organizer and coach on several occasions.  Bee Moorhead  of Texas Impact is also quoted.  Here are a few excerpts from the article:

“In rural places in Texas, Missouri, Iowa, and around the world, people need to know there’s a church where they are welcome, and that they can be Christian and gay, and that they are children of God just as legitimately as anybody else.” – Jo Hudson, Senior Pastor, Dallas’ Cathedral of Hope.

“I think the religious Left unquestionably exists,” says TFN’s Ryan Valentine, who coordinated the pro-contraception pledge. “It’s just never been as well organized or as prominent in policy fights in Texas as the Right.”

Indeed, the Christian voice in Texas’ public square has become almost synonymous with conservatism. The state is ground zero for battles between creationism and evolution in science textbooks.  It’s home to organizations like WallBuilders and Vision America that urge conservative Christians to exert influence in the political sphere. When reporters want to quote a Christian spokesperson, the leaders of these groups are easy to find.

If progressive Christians could develop a unified voice, they could transform political discourse in Texas. But before that can happen, progressive Christianity has to recognize itself as a movement. And Texans have to know that it exists. Texas has a Christian Left, but to secular progressives, it’s one of the state’s best-kept secrets.

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