News from the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

tcadpSix executions currently are scheduled to take place in April, including Kimberly McCarthy, whose execution date has now been delayed. The current dates are listed below.  Stay tuned to TCADP for more information and any action requests regarding these cases.

April 3**:  Kimberly McCarthy **
April 9:  Rickey Lewis
April 10: Rigoberto Avila, Jr.
April 16: Ronnie Threadgill
April 24: Elroy Chester
April 25: Richard Cobb

**On March 29, 2013, Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins asked State District Judge Larry Mitchell to modify the execution date of Kimberly McCarthy.  McCarthy had been scheduled to be executed on April 3, 2013 for the 1997 murder of Dorothy Booth in Dallas County.  According to the Dallas Morning News, Watkins asked “for the delay to await whether the Texas legislature passes six bills that could impact the application of the death penalty in Texas,” including legislation aimed at addressing claims that racial bias might have been a factor in the decision to seek or impose a sentence of death.

Maryland Legislature Passes Repeal of the Death Penalty!

On March 15, Maryland’s House of Delegates voted 82-56 to end the death penalty. The bill will go on to Governor Martin O’Malley, who has already promised to sign it and make it law.

Maryland WILL become the sixth state in six years to end the death penalty.

Ending the death penalty is a triumph in itself. But justice is more than just the absence of injustice.

If we stay focused now, we can fill the space that the broken death penalty used to occupy with something that can actually work to make communities safer and healthier.

More than 100 Prominent Leaders Call for New Sentencing Hearing for Duane Buck

On March 20, over 100 prominent individuals from Texas and throughout the country, including civil rights leaders, elected officials, former prosecutors and judges, past and present ABA presidents, and clergy representing seven faith denominations, released a statement urging the Harris County District Attorney to provide a new, fair sentencing hearing for Texas death row inmate Duane Buck.

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