Kisongo Trek

Kisongo tTrek

Take a journey with

Kisongo Trek

March 13-17

Bethany United Methodist Church, East Parking Lot

10010 Anderson Mill Rd., Austin TX 78750

Free, family-friendly & open to all

Wednesday, March 13:  5 – 8 pm

Thursday – Saturday, March 14-16:  12 – 7 pm

Sunday, March 17:  9 am – 5 pm

No reservations needed

A powerful story of change through the eyes of a child.

Interactive exhibit brings to life the sights & sounds of Africa.

Step outside yourself and into a world you may never have known; a world where poverty becomes a part of the past and where children can dream about tomorrow.

Experience a powerful story of change through the eyes of 10-year-old, Babayetu. In the new World Vision Experience, Kisongo Trek, you can “travel” to Babayetu’s home and hear the real-life story of how his village has moved from poverty to hope with help from World Vision and their partners in ministry.

Following a “bus ride” down the roads of Tanzania, you’ll be immersed in the community of Kisongo, where you’ll meet a woman who spent her childhood walking miles on danger­ous roads to get water for her family; hear from a mother who feared malaria would steal her children’s lives; see a classroom where children finally have the chance to learn; and discover how bees are equipping a father to provide for his family.

This free, 20 minute, mobile semi-truck experience gives you and your family a firsthand feel for global poverty—no plane ticket required. Plus, you’ll learn about the proven solutions World Vision employs to help families build a better future and you’ll discover how you can make a difference in the transformation of a community like Kisongo, in Matete, Kenya.

Make the choice to step outside yourself.

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