Texas Impact

Partnership for the Common Good: Texas Impact’s Guide to the Issues 2013

TxImpactDownload “Partnership For The Common Good” in PDF Format. (right-click and choose “Save As…” to download the PDF)

Note: In addition to this legislative agenda, Texas Impact holds historic legislative positions based on long-affirmed social principles of our member denominations. Read a brief overview of our legislative principles here.


Texas faith communities know that government is essential, but for public programs to be effective we need real partnerships—between local communities and state programs, between concerned individuals and institutions, and between for-profit service providers and the charitable community. Texas can prepare for the future by building robust partnerships that ensure we are moving forward on a strong foundation, with an ethic of shared responsibility and a true sense of community.

Legislators took positive steps toward community partnerships in 2011, and those steps are bearing fruit. Faith and community-based organizations, local governments, business and state agencies are coming together to feed hungry Texans, support at-risk youth, conserve precious resources, and other strategies to advance the common good.

Texas Impact urges the 83rd Texas Legislature to continue its investment in community partnership programs and policies. The following specific strategies will build the capacity of all Texans to work in partnership for a vibrant, prosperous and healthy Texas.

Strategies for Building Community Partnerships in 2013

  • Promote family financial stability
  • Improve access to healthy, affordable food
  • Ensure Texans have access to quality, affordable health insurance
  • Strengthen Texas’ public education system
  • Build capacity for service in local communities
  • Improve law enforcement and criminal justice outcomes for individuals with mental illness
  • Promote clean, reliable, affordable energy
  • Build an accountable-stewardship foundation for water policy
  • Take an appropriate and balanced approach to immigration issues
  • Strengthen the state revenue system


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