Notes from MFSA National Meetings

On October 18 – 20, MFSA’s Program Council and Board of Directors met in Detroit, Michigan for their Fall meeting.  Anne Mund and Rowland Curry attended the Program Council meeting, at which extensive plans are being made for MFSA’s programs.  Rowland was elected to be the “Co-Convenor” (aka Co-Chair) of the Program Council for the next two years.  Watch for more information on this.

The Board of Directors was surprised by the resignation of MFSA’s Executive Director, Jill Warren.  She has served MFSA since mid-2011, and guided our organization through the General Conference earlier this year in Tampa.  The Board has named Chett Pritchett to be the interim Executive Director; the full press release is included below.

Despite this news, we are heartened by the strength and energy displayed by MFSA’s Program Council and Board during this meeting.


The Fall meeting of the Methodist Federation for Social Action’s (MFSA) Program Council and Board of Directors was graciously hosted by the Detroit (MI) Chapter, October 18-20. The meeting celebrated our work at General Conference 2012 and the faithful work of our Chapters across the connection. This spirit, energy, and excitement continued as we engaged in developing the on-going work of Peace, Poverty People’s Rights, Progressive Issues, and Justice in the United Methodist Church.


As we dreamed and envisioned the work ahead, it became evident that changes would need to take place for this ministry to be fully possible. In the midst of this crucial discussion, our Executive Director Jill A. Warren, offered the Board an option to consider her willingness to resign if this would allow more flexibility for the ministry to move forward. She shared, “The primary reason for this offer is to give MFSA’s Board options to consider in helping to create a sustainable staffing structure that will benefit MFSA and further its mission.”  After much prayerful deliberation and difficult discernment, the Board voted to accept her offer.  Jill has been a tireless advocate for MFSA’s issues and has helped lead the organization to a new level of visibility.  We are grateful for her service and generous spirit.


In light of this decision, the Board also announces that Chett Pritchett, MFSA’s current Development and Communications Associate, has been named as the Interim Executive Director to serve in the Washington, DC, office, beginning November 1, 2012.  Chett has served on MFSA’s staff since 2011 and built relationships throughout the connection, specifically through the use of social media and his knowledge of The United Methodist Church.  His creativity, theological depth, and passion for social justice are evident in all of his work. He is currently the Lay Leader at Dumbarton United Methodist Church and has previous experience in leadership with MoSAIC (Methodist Students for an All Inclusive Church).  Chett is an alumnus of Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC where he earned a Master of Theological Studies degree.


While these decisions were not made lightly, we feel this is the best path forward to build on MFSA’s strengths for continued success in the future and sustaining the renewed grassroots enthusiasm generated by a successful presence at General Conference.  We ask for your prayers and continued support of the organization and staff as we journey into the future.




Vicki Woods, MFSA Board Co-President, 774-696-9519

Tara L. Thronson, MFSA Board Co-President, 512-422-8907


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