Arm Chair Activism


Some of our readers have asked us to include petition requests that they are passionate about.  If you have similar petitions to share, please send the link to

From United Methodist Kairos Response:  Stand with 15 Courageous Christian Leaders. 

Earlier this month, fifteen leaders of Christian denominations (including Bishop Rosemarie Wenner, President of the UMC Council of Bishops,  and organizations sent a historic letter to the United States Congress and it is having an impact far beyond Washington DC.  In the letter, they have questioned the use of US military aid for “widespread Israeli human rights violations committed against Palestinians.”

They have called for “an immediate investigation into possible violations by Israel” of US laws that govern the use of foreign assistance and arms exports; they also call for the withholding of military aid if Israel is found to be violating these laws.

But enormous pressure has been put on these fifteen leaders to rescind their letter. Take a look at the New York Times report, letters of denunciation and powerful responses in opinion columns nationwide.

That’s why United Methodist Kairos Response helped to write and launch this Letter of Support with several partners, including US Campaign to End the Occupation, Friends of Sabeel North America, and Kairos USA. Also working with us are allies like Jewish Voice for Peace and American Muslims for Peace  – they are gathering signatures with similar supportive messages.  Together we hope to send these leaders an outpouring of support for their efforts.

Please take one minute now to sign the Letter of Support and Thanks.
s show these fifteen leaders there are thousands of people from all backgrounds who agree with them!

BUT MOST IMPORTANT, PLEASE WRITE TO YOUR BISHOP.  The United Methodist bishops have their annual meeting on NOVEMBER 4th.  Your bishop needs to hear from you NOW.  The SWTX Conference Bishop, Jim Dorff,, can be contacted at And if you are able, please write to the current president of the Council of Bishops, Bishop Rosemarie Wenner at


From Augustine Rodriguez: Texas Legislature Implement the Affordable Health Care Act.

We are demanding that Governor Rick Perry and the Texas Legislature begin full implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act, which was signed into law in 2010 and recently upheld by the Supreme Court.

We are demanding that the insurance exchanges be created and put into service to help the millions of Texans who are uninsured and under-insured. The United States Constitution dictates that states are not above federal law. This is now the law of the land.

That’s why I created a petition on to the Texas State House, the Texas State Senate, and Governor Perry, which says:

The Supreme Court recently upheld the Affordable Care Act, and we are demanding that our Governor and Texas Legislature begin a full implementation of the law. The insurance exchanges need to be up and running by January 1, 2013.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.


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