Arm Chair Activism

Some of our readers have asked us to include petition requests that they are passionate about.  If you have similar petitions to share, please send the link to

From Jan Dawes:  Tell China: Don’t built a coal plant in Texas.

From John Yeaman:  The electronic media — TV and radio: On political ads show the Politifact truth meter for that ad.

From David Strong:  Sign the petition to the Council of Bishops in Support of Bishop Talbert.

In September 1960, a young pastor named Melvin Talbert was arrested and jailed alongside Martin Luther King, Jr. for sitting in at a segregated lunch counter. He went on to become a bishop in the United Methodist Church and serve as president of the National Council of Churches.

Fifty years later, Bishop Talbert is under attack again – this time for calling on Methodist pastors to join him in an “act of biblical obedience” by putting Jesus’ commandment to love our neighbors ahead of “immoral and unjust” church rules that prohibit same-sex marriage.

Now a group of conservative pastors are accusing him of “advocating anarchy and chaos” and demanding that the Methodist Council of Bishops take action to “hold those who have been disobedient .. accountable for their inflammatory actions.”

This story has gotten some media attention, and we’ve got a chance to show the world how everyday Christians are standing in solidarity with Bishop Talbert as he continues to struggle against the church’s discriminatory policies towards LGBT people.

Will you join me in standing with Melvin Talbert? Sign this petition to the United Methodist Council of Bishops:

From Janice Curry:  Like I Stand With Bishop Talbert on Facebook  As a project of the Reconciling Ministries Clergy, “I Stand With Bishop Talbert” is a direct action witness in support of Bishop Melvin Talbert and other episcopal leaders who are seeking justice and inclusivity in The United Methodist Church.

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