What in the World is a Single Member District? 10-1 or 8-2-1?

Tuesday, September 11

6:30 pm

Southwest Key

6002 Jain Lane, Austin

Did you know that Austin residents will be voting on single-member districts for Austin City Council representation on November 6?   There are two plans on the ballot—the 10-1 plan—and the hybrid 8-2-1 plan.  The grassroots citizen group Austinites for Geographic Representation (AGR) gathered 30,000 signatures in support of 10-1, which automatically placed the plan on November’s ballot.  On Tuesday, September 11, join the Southwest Key meeting to explore, What in the World is a Single Member District?  Find out what it means for YOU at a Town Hall meeting. http://www.swkey.org/news/events.html/event/2012/09/11/town-hall-on-single-member-districts. Contact Daniel Llanes – dllanesrb@earthlink.net, or Valerie Joiner 462-2181 for more information.

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