Creating a Culture of Inclusivity – Training at Annual Conference

Training and Helping with Monitoring at Annual Conference

The Commission on the Status and Role of Women (COSROW) and the General Commission on Religion and Race (GCRR) are co-sponsoring a new monitoring tools training.  Our shared goal is to provide our annual conference leaders more constructive & comprehensive data toward intentional, invitational inclusivity in our churches. “Holding Up the Mirror” training will be from 9-12 on Thursday June 7th in Corpus Christi at the Convention Center, which hosts our Annual Conference every year (1901 N. Shoreline Blvd).  We will ask all the trained monitors to select various events at Annual Conference where they will serve as monitors!

What is a Monitor?  A monitor is aware of the life and commitment of the United Methodist Church to full and equal participation by all.  A monitor acts to promote that participation. Training will encourage: Respect, love, healthy conflict management and healthy relationships, using sound biblical and theological foundations.  Diversity is not to be “tolerated” but sought, affirmed, and developed as a benefit to the whole group.  It is not about “political correctness,” but about justice.

And, if you attend Annual Conference, you can also help with the MFSA/RMN booth and attend the Church and Society/MFSA/RMN Social Justice Luncheon with a wonderful speaker, Jim Winkler of Church and Society!

For more information, please contact Deana Henry or Pat Stewart .

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