Call to Action/ Interim Operations Team Report

If you want to know more about the Call to Action proposal that will likely be the biggest issue at General Conference 2012, this is for you.

Interim Operations Team Report Approved & Amended by The Connectional Table, September, 2011

Two Big Disputes Ahead at General Conference

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!: The Road to Church Restructuring

Navigating Church Restructuring –  By Rev. Steve Clunn, Coalition Coordinator  

When it comes to church restructuring, I can’t tell you how many times I have asked myself over the last year, “which will win out in my beloved United Methodist Church, faith or fear?”  We are so afraid of our churches declining and dying out, that we are willing to adopt the idea that we must do something, anything.  Thankfully, faith that is bigger than our fears, is liberating, rejuvenating and can lead us to places we couldn’t have dreamed possible otherwise.  So my friends and fellow lovers of this United Methodist Church, as we approach General Conference, I ask, will our faith or our fears guide us?

Read more on the MFSA website.

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