2012 General Conference Facts

  • In 2012, 988 delegates were elected to participate in General Conference.
  • Half of the delegates to GC must be clergy, half must be lay.
  • General & Jurisdictional Conferences happen once a quadrennium (every 4 years).
  • 40% of delegates will be from outside the US in 2012.
  • There are 13 legislative committees that consider about 1,600 pieces of legislation.
  • Legislation is submitted by individuals, annual conferences, organizations, and churchwide agencies.
  • All proposed legislation can be seen in the Advance Daily Christian Advocate on the www.gc2012.org website.
  • In 1744, John Wesley held the first ‘Preacher’s Conference’.  Holy conferencing has a history longer than the Methodist Church.

Want to Learn More? Go Online!

MFSA – www.mfsaweb.org

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