May MFSA Meeting Will Focus on Possible Unification of SWTX and Rio Grande Conferences

Did you know that there are two Methodist Churches in Austin–Govalle & Emmanuel– that are not part of the Southwest Texas Conference of the UMC?  They are part of about 80 United Methodist Churches in Texas and New Mexico that are the Rio Grande Conference of the UMC.  Bishop Dorff is working with a Unification Steering Team to examine how these conferences can unify.  This statement by Bishop Dorff summarizes the efforts.

“At our last Annual Conference Sessions, the theme of my Episcopal Address was “Now is the Time.” Little did I know how accurate that thought would become.  In mid-July, the leadership of both the Rio Grande and the Southwest Texas conferences agreed to move forward with the recommendations of the consulting team we had asked to assess and report to us regarding their view of our future.  The most important of those recommendations was the creation of one new conference in the current San Antonio Episcopal Area.  Furthermore, they also recommended that the conference sessions of June 2012 decide whether or not to commit ourselves to this task.  It appears that “Now is the Time.”  Read more about this process at

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