Your Support Is Needed

                                If not me/us…who?

                                                  If not here…where

                                                                     If not now…when?    

MFSA National continues to work hard to make a difference in the United Methodist Church by writing legislation for General Conference, collaborating with Reconciling Ministries Network & Affirmation, talking with General Conference Delegates, advocating for the marginalized, and being a strong presence for social justice at the General Conference in Tampa in April 2012.

As you discern how you can make a difference in the United Methodist Church, we are asking you to consider contributing to the MFSA National efforts to challenge our denomination to respond to God’s call for a just world.

With your donation made to the National MFSA, the Southwest Texas Chapter will receive 20%.  We use the funds locally to provide educational programs, environmental events, co-sponsorship of death penalty and reconciling events, and the Annual Conference Luncheon.  Your contributions are tax deductible

To make a donation and/or become a member of MFSA:

  • You can log onto the national MFSA website, and follow the instructions there (you can safely use a credit card).
  • Or, you can mail a check made out to “SWT – MFSA” to our Treasurer, Janice Curry, at 1509 Mearns Meadow Blvd, Austin 78758. 

Thanks for your support for our social justice efforts in the Methodist Church & beyond!

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